Melrose End
00 Gauge Steam Era - End to End Station and Goods.

Track Diagram:-


Melrose End has been designed to be shown at exhibitions and for use at home.

The main emphasis of the layout is keeping operators and spectators interested in stock movements. The layout is split into two operating sections, a goods yard which consists of a run round loop, and three long sidings coal, open and closed running stock.

The branch line has a bay platform and a main platform which has a run round loop for three large coaches or four smaller coaches.

Other facilities are a private siding that is owned by an enginering company, a two road LNWR shed, with facilities for coal and watering.

The buildings are both scratch built and kit built, with interiors and bits and pieces added.

Most of the wagons and coaching stock are either ready to run or kit built; loads have been added to out of the box wagons. The period being portrayed is 1930's - 40's where the LMS and LNER have joint running rights.

The stock in the storage area is controlled by cassette system.

The layout is 4.3 metres long and 0.6 metres wide; and has its own fold out legs. One 13amp power point is required for the control and the lighting. Operation is from behind the layout with stock under the storage area, but a table makes this job a lot easier.

The layout has been designed to be transported in my own car; 2 - 3 people are required to operate the layout.


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