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Details of ROCKET 190 - 190th Anniversary of The Rainhill Trials:

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Layouts Attending Owner Gauge
Royston St. Davids Rainhill MRC O-16.5mm
Todd to Swift Stephenson MRG N
Enngauge Rainhill MRC N
North Mersey Stephenson MRG OO
Llyhnair Rainhill MRC OO / 009
Makeshift Sidings Stephenson MRG OO
Rothampton Rainhill MRC 009
Kingsmead Stephenson MRG OO
Melrose End Rainhill MRC OO
Demonstrators Attending  
Architectural Modelling Mr. Pete Leyland
Rolling Stock Construction Mr. Wyn Platt
Wagon Loads Brian Davis - Rainhill M.R.C
Traders Attending  
World of Motion Mr. Albert Pyper
S.M.T.F Mr. Dave Denton
Railbus - Railway Books Mr. Gavin Bairstow
Club Shop Rainhill M.R.C and Stephenson M.R.G
Information Stand  
Rainhill MRC Information Stand  
Stephenson MRG Information Stand  
THE ROCKET Post Memorabilia Mr. Arthur Jennion
The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society Mr. Stuart Tighe
The 502 Group Mr. Paul Gorton
The 009 Society  
North West Museum of Road Transport  
Willowbrook Hospice