Rainhill M.R.C Club Layouts Under Construction

New "Un-named" Club OO Layout.

Layout description:

OO gauge – analogue control

Dimensions: 4,71m (15' 6”) x 3.02m (9' 11”).


Our new, as yet un-named OO gauge layout is at the ‘work in progress' stage and is set in a fictional location somewhere in the U.K. It has been designed at a ‘watching trains go by' exhibition type of layout and comprises a four track main line fed from a twelve track fiddle yard, marshalling yard, locomotive depot at a raised level and a branch line terminus station.

The main running lines are in a slow up – fast up – fast down – slow down configuration.

The marshalling yard not only prepares freight trains but also provides a rail link to the nearby pottery & glass factory. The locomotive depot is reached via inclines from the up and down slow main line tracks. The branch terminus station is now at the end of what was once a secondary trunk route, later reduced to a single track platform and a run round loop. The branch line crosses the main lines before disappearing off scene behind the locomotive depot.


The main running lines, marshalling yard, locomotive depot and branch line all operate independently of each other allowing up to seven separate operating functions.


The rolling stock belongs to the club members and is not restricted to any particular region or period enabling us to run both steam and diesel hauled trains. Under exhibition conditions, the stock running at any given time would be era specific.


The layout is operated from the central operating well and position behind the locomotive depot. If possible, a two foot space behind the layout makes the operation of the fiddle yard much easier.